Axios! Axios! Axios!
Axios! Axios! Axios!

In an atmosphere of unparalleled joy and spiritual fervor, we celebrated the consecration of Archimandrite Benedict as the Bishop of Hartford and the New England Diocese, held in the magnificent Boston Orthodox Cathedral of the Holy Trinity. This momentous event, deeply rooted in ancient liturgical traditions, brought together clergy and laity in a resounding affirmation of our unity in faith. Bishop Benedict, ordained amidst the reverent gaze of sacred icons and the heartfelt prayers of the faithful, was adorned in the episcopal regalia, symbolizing his new role as a shepherd of God’s flock. The cathedral resounded with the thunderous chants of “Axios! Axios! Axios!” - a Greek acclamation declaring “He is worthy!” - echoing our collective acknowledgment of his divine calling. This historic day marks not just a new chapter in the life of Bishop Benedict but a reaffirmation of our commitment to the apostolic faith, guided by the teachings of the Bible and the wisdom of our Orthodox tradition. As we embark on this journey under Bishop Benedict’s guidance, we pray fervently for his ministry to be a beacon of Christ’s love, a faithful steward of the Church, and a nurturing father to the clergy and faithful of our diocese. Many Years!


  1. The Consecration of Bishop Benedict as Bishop of Hartford and New England.
  2. Consecration and Enthronement of Bishop Benedict
  3. Bishop Elect Benedict, Nomination, Confession of Faith and Vespers
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