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2017 Diocesan Council

His Eminence, Archbishop NIKON, Diocesan Hierarch

Archpriest John Kreta, Chancellor

Alexia Tassmer, Diocesan Secretary

John Skrobat, Diocesan Treasurer

Priest James Parnell, Metropolitan Council Clergy Representative

David Zavednak, Metropolitan Council Lay Representative

Archpriest Vasily Lickwar, Dean of the Boston Deanery 

Archpriest John Hopko, Dean of the Connecticut Deanery and Diocesan Youth Rally Director

Archpriest Peter Carmichael, Dean of the Northern Deanery

Priest Joseph Gall, Clergy-at-Large

Priest Theophan Whitfield, Clergy-at-Large

Priest Michael Korolev, Clergy-at-Large and Webmaster

Sbdn. John Barone, Laity-at-Large 

Irene Vassos, Laity-at-Large

Brett Nolte, Laity-at-Large

Robert Popadic, Laity-at-Large

Reader Timothy Tassmer, Laity-at-Large

Doug Thornton, Laity-at-Large

Irene Zavednak, Auditor (Non-Voting)

SubDeacon Lawrence Johnson, Auditor (Non-Voting)

Marion Gulash, Auditor (Non-Voting)

Protodeacon Paul Nimchek, Director & Financial Secretary of ONE Stewards; Parish Grant Program Chairman

Priest Joshua Mosher, Director of Communications; ONE Newspaper


Link to the Diocesan Council minutes page.

New England Diocese of the Orthodox Church in America