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Youth Rally Appeal - 05/06/16
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Dear Friends of the New England Diocesan Youth Rally:


Christ is risen!


Unfortunately, despite ongoing recruitment efforts, at the present time we are still in tremendous need of adult volunteers willing to serve as Youth Rally staff. 


Youth Rally 2016 is scheduled to take place from Monday, August 8, through to midday on Saturday, August 13. Staff are scheduled to arrive on site on Sunday evening, August 7. 


Specifically, we are in need of active, healthy and committed adult men and women who are able to serve during the week of Youth Rally as cabin staff. Right now, besides the staff members already recruited, we require at least two (2) more laywomen to serve as cabin counselors and two (2) more laymen to serve as cabin counselors.


We will NOT run Youth Rally unless we have adequate and appropriate staffing.  I have absolutely no qualms or reservations about cancelling Youth Rally, if I feel that we cannot run it safely and appropriately. Good, sound, and reliable Orthodox Christian adult staff members make the program possible. 


Staff members must be adults of legal adult age who are Orthodox Christians in “good standing.” “Good standing” means that they will be able to be endorsed, without reservations, by their Orthodox Christian parish priest/father confessor, as being suitable adult persons to be entrusted with the care, supervision and guidance of young people. 


If you know of any person who is willing, able and appropriate to serve as a Youth Rally volunteer staff member, please ask them to contact me at their earliest convenience.


Again, we will NOT run Youth Rally unless we have adequate and appropriate staffing.


[NOTE: Our outreach efforts have including reaching out to the parishes and institutions of our Diocese of New England, to Saint Tikhon’s and Saint Vladimir’s Seminaries, and to the national Orthodox Christian Fellowship (OCF is the official campus ministry arm of SCOBA). We have also reached out to our Orthodox Christian family members, friends and acquaintances all across the country. In past years, we have been able to build a staff this way. So far, this year, these efforts are not bearing sufficient fruit.] 


In Christ,


Fr. John Hopko

Youth Rally Rector and Director (2004-Present)

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