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The Church thus is not a "self-centered" community but precisely a missionalry community, whose pupose is salvation not from, but of, the world. In the Orthodox experience and faith it is the Church-sacrament that makes possible the Church-mission.

- Fr. Alexander Schmemann, "The Missionary Imperative", Church World Mission, p. 214

This year (2015), the OCA establish its first every Mission School. "The Mission School is an initiative of the Holy Synod of Bishops of the Orthodox Church in America based on a proposal of a task force on the use of a bequest. The Mission School seeks to train clergy and lay people on fundamentals of mission planting, operation and evangelism. It is not meant to be theoretical but rather practical training for those either in or going to a mission."

"The objective of the Mission School would be to have all priests who are assigned to a mission or in a mission, as well as interested clergy, seminarians and lay people, attend a standardized school that would specifically address the needs of the mission."

The purpose of this "site" is to provide mission resources for the parishes of the Diocese of New England. Use the following link to download the complete Mission School Prospectus. This prospectus includes the entire bibliography for the Mission School as well.

This is the complete slideshow presentation from the 52nd Diocesan Assembly; simply use your keyboard arrow keys to move through the slides.


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Learn more about Church Growth -

If you want to learn about “church growth,” how it takes place, and how you can facilitate it, the Charles E. Fuller Institute Seminar Series would be well worth your investment of time and money.

OCA Department of Evangelization -

The Department of Evangelization combines the work of the former OCA Office of Church Growth and Evangelism and the former OCA Missions Ministries Unit, focusing its attention on studying and acting upon the Great Commission of Our Lord to “teach all nations, baptizing them in the Name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.”

Parish Development -

Links to articles about Parish Development

Small Parish Forum -

The Small Parish Forum is a program undertaken by the Archdiocese of Pittsburgh and Western Pennsylvania.

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Theology of Lay Ministries

An Orthodox vision of the ministry of the laity. Historical perspective. One’s unique calling in God’s plan. Ministry in daily life.

Parish Development Ministry

OVERVIEW The mission of the Parish Development Ministry is to help parishes to become healthy, hopeful, vibrant Orthodox communities that grow in their commitment to living a life in Christ, share the Gospel with all in their own locale and are prepared to do the work of Christ in the world. To fulfill this mission this ministry seeks to: Stimulate dialogue about life in good Orthodox Christian parishes in America Connect parishes to establish supportive relationships, share strengths, good ideas, practices and resources and offer mutual encouragement. Build assessment, planning and administrative tools to address common parish needs.

Orthodox Natural Church Development

Stewardship Advocates

Evangelism Tools

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Ancient Faith Radio

2019 Blessing of Long Island Sound - 01/06/2019

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Blessing of New Icons - 10/14/2018

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Father Michael Westerberg is Awarded the Mitre

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Video Highlights from the Diocesan Youth Rally
Video for the All-American Council
Release of Fr. Steven Belonick’s book, Pilgrimage to Pascha, to benefit diocesan seminarians
On Feb. 2, 2021, Ancient Faith Publishing (AFP) released a book to honor the memory of Archpriest Steven John Belonick (+2019), former pastor of Holy Ghost Russian Orthodox Church, Bridgeport, CT, and also to benefit seminarians from the Diocese of New England. The book is titled Pilgrimage to Pascha: A Daily Devotional for Great Lent, and it is available for purchase online 
Pilgrimage to Pascha is a republication of a book that Fr. Steven originally co-authored and edited. It was first printed as a booklet for spiritual nourishment in Great Lent and later was published as A Journey through Great Lent, but it has been out of print for many years. M. Deborah Belonick has copy edited and updated the original text, including an epilogue that recounts a conversation with Fr. Steven during his last days in hospice. 
All royalties from the republication will be directed to and placed in the seminarian fund of the Diocese of New England, which has been renamed the “Father Steven Belonick Scholarship Fund.” Proceeds from the book will benefit any student at a seminary of the Orthodox Church in America who is on the ordination track with the intention of becoming a parish priest. Memory Eternal to Fr. Steven, and let us ask our Lord Jesus Christ to bless our seminarians and thereby increase the number of “laborers for His harvest” (Luke 10:2) who will serve as parish priests. Again, you may order the newly released book online, or you may call the Ancient Faith Publishing number to ask for your copy: 1–800–967–7377.

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