Hierachal Divine Liturgy - 11/13/08

Fr. Alexander Garklavs, OCA Chancellor, asking the clergy to line up in rank.
Vesting of all the bishops. Bps NIKON & ALEJO
Prdn. Kyril Sokolov giving last minute instructions to the new Metropolitan.
Procession of the clergy
Greeting of the Metropolitan
Dn. John Zarras, Christ the Savior, Southbury
Entrance prayers
vesting of the Metropolitan
The Protodeacons
Icon of Christ, worn only by the head of the church, with the Panagia and Cross
our new Metropolitan JONAH
Andrew Boyd, UConn OCF & St. Alexis, Clinton
All the bishops
Bp. TIKHON of E.Pa, our Bp. NIKON, and Abp. JOB of the MW.
Little Entrance
censing after the entrance
Andrew Boyd served as a sub-deacon during the AAC
Dn. John Zarras
epistle reading
Met. JONAH preaching.
preparing for communion of the faithful
The Kiss of Peace
communion of the clergy.
Fr. Michael Westerberg, Holy Transfiguration, New Haven
Fr. Steve Voytovich, St. Alexis, Clinton
Fr. John Hopko, Ss. Cyril & Methodius, Terryville
Fr. Jason Vansuch, St. Nicholas, Norwich
Fr. Nicholas Finley, Protection of the Theotokos, Royalton, IL (formerly from the DNE)
Fr. John Kreta, All Saints of America, Salisbury and DNE Chancellor
Abp. DMITRI presents Metropolitan JONAH a panagia from Metropolitan THEOPHILUS
All the bishop of the Orthodox Church in America