Election of Metropolitan JONAH - 11/12/08

Prof. David Drillock leading the Council in singing
Fr. Kovalak giving the credentials report
Fr. Alexander Rentel, SVS, reading the Statute provision on the Election of the Metropolitan
Fr. John Memorich, Chairman of the Tellers, going over voting procedures
praying during the vote tally
in preparation for the Holy Synod to sign the official election document
Abp. DMITRI reads the first ballot results
voting on the second ballot
Fr. John Memorich reading the second vote tally
Top two vote recepients names presented to the Holy Synod.
The Holy Synod exiting the sanctuary
Prdn. Kyril
Abps. NATHANIEL & JOB enter the sanctuary to retrieve the Metropolitan-elect
Bp. JONAH is escorted by the 2nd & 3rd ranking bishops.
Abp. SERAPHIM & Bp. NIKON vest Bp. JONAH in the blue mantia
Andrew Boyd brings the Icon of Christ, Cross and Panagia to the new Metropolitan
Bp. ALEJO & Bp. MARK (of Toledo, AOCA) present Met. JONAH with the white klobuk.
His Beatitude, JONAH, Archbishop of Washington & New York, Metropolitan of All America and Canada.
Abp. DMITRI presents Met. JONAH with the episcopal staff.
Prdn. Kyril reading the dyptics
A few words from Abp. DMITRI
Our new Metropolitan addresses the council
exchanging the Kiss of Peace with the bishops
Fr. Paul Jannakos, an old schoolmate, receiving the blessing of Met. JONAH