Day 2 - 10/25/08

Divine Liturgy was held at Dormition of the Holy Virgin Church, Cumberland, RI. followed by lunch and session 3 in the parish hall.
The diocesan icon.
Fr. Vasily Lickwar receiving a blessing before directing the choir at liturgy.
Prdn. Paul Nimchek, Terryville, chants the Great Litany.
the washing of the hands
Dn. Christopher Westrate, Boston, was second deacon.
The choir.
The Chancellor and Deans con-celebrated.
Our Bishop.
Dn. Christopher reading the epistle.
Prdn. Paul reading the gospel.
Fr. Mark Sherman, Salem and Dean of Missions preaching.
The Great Entrance.
"In the fear of God, draw near!"
The delegates receiving the eucharist.
Fr. John Kreta, Salisbury and Diocesan Chancellor.
Fr. Valdimir Aleandro, Southbury and Dean of the Connecticut Deanery.
Lunch .....
The 'vice' chairmen sharing a moment before the third session.
Joan Skrobat, from Clinton, Lay vice chair and Diocesan Council member.
Prdn. Paul Nimchek.
Fr. Michael Westerberg, New Haven.
Dn. John Zarras.
Nina Kosowsky, Ansonia.
Fr. Mark Sherman.
Fr. Michael Korolev, Springfield, MA.
Fr. John Hopko, Terryville.
Fr. Robert Arida, Boston.
Irene Vassos.
Fr. James Robinson, Kingston.
Thank you to all those at Dormition of the Holy Virgin Church for your assistance at the 45th Diocesan Assembly.