CT Deanery Unction Service - 04/13/08

Bishop NIKON censes during the opening psalms.
Protodeacon Paul Nimchek censes the bishop.
Frs. Cornel Todeasa & Marc Vranes
The gathered clergy sing the stichera.
Frs. Thomas Hopko & Sergei Bouteneff
The oil and wine
Bishop NIKON pours the oil ....
.. and mixes in the wine.
His Grace reads the prayer over the oil.
Fr. Nicholas Finley reads the first Epistle.
Bishop NIKON reads the first Gospel.
Fr. Marc Vranes reads the first prayer.
Protodeacon Anthony Kruge censes during the second reading.
Deacon John Zarras censes the oil.
Fr. John Hopko reading an Epistle.
Fr. Vladimir Aleandro reading from the Gospel.
Fr. Michael Roshak reading from the Gospel.
Fr. John Pawelchak reading from the Gopsel.
Fr. David Koles reads the seventh Gospel.
The Gospel is held by the Clergy over the head of Bishop NIKON as he reads the prayer of anointiing.
Fr. David pours oil into small cups for the clergy to use to anoint the faithful.
Clergy pass under the Gospel and await anointing from their bishop.
Clergy await the faithful who come to be anointed.
The faithful pass under the Gospel.
His Grace anoints those who come to him.