47th Diocesan Assembly - 10/29/10

Day 1 of the Assembly: Session I & II
Opening Molieben.
Fr. Sergius Halvorsen reading the Bishop's report.
Fr. John Kreta introducing our guest speaker.
Guest Speaker Joe Kormos
Director of DMW Parish Health / Development Minisrty.
Break time.
Fr. Robert Dick, Clergy Vice Chair
Fr. joseph Galik, Secretary of the Albanian Archdiocese.
Fr. Robert Arida, Dean of the Boston Deanery.
Fr. Vladirmir Aleandro, Dean of the CT Deanery.
Fr. Peter Carmichael, Dean of the Northern Deanery.
Fr. Joshua Mosher, Editor of ONE.
Prdn. Paul Nimchek, ONE Stewards.
John Skrobat, Diocesan Treasurer.
Fr. John Hopko, Youth Director.
Fr. Sergius Halvorsen, CER Chairman
Fr. Steven Voytovich, Choir Director Training.
Lunch break.
John Skrobat presenting the Treasurer's report.
Fr. Robert Arida, chairman of the Strategic Planning Committee of the Metropolitan Council leads discussion on the report.
Lively discusssion about the Strategic Plan followed.