46th Diocesan Assembly - Day 1 - 10/23/09

The faithful of the Diocese of New England gather at the Nativity of the Holy Virgin Mary Church, Waterbury, CT for the 46th Diocesan Assembly.
Alexia Tassmer
Tim Tassmer
Credentials Committee: Alexia Tassmer, Tim Tassmer and Bob Makevich.
Opening Molieben
Treasurer Peter Kopcha and Fr. Steven Voytovich, member of the Secretariate.
Fr. David Koles, Diocesan Treasurer
Joan Skrobat, St. Alexis and Rosmary Delaney, Holy Trinity, New Britain and the Diocesan Council
Archimandrite Meletios Webber, St. John of Shanghi Monastery, Manton, CA. Guest speaker at the assembly.
Fr. Vladimir Horoczack, Stamford and Fr. Marc Vranes, Wilimantic.
Bp. NIKON and Fr. Michael Korolev, Springfield, MA.
Fr. John Krest, Diocesan Chancellor.
Bp. NIKON giving his report on the diocese.
Alexia Tassmer giving the first credentials report.
Inga Leonova, Boston.
Fr. Vasily Lickwar, Cunberland.
Fr. Sergius Halvorsen, Clergy Vice Chairman.
Fr. Dennis Rhodes, host pastor, introducing Fr. Meletios.
Fr. Meletios giving a presentation to the assembly.
Fr. Robert Arida, Dean of the Boston Deanery.
Fr. Vladimir Aleandro, Dean of the Connecticut Deanery.
Fr. Andrew Tregubov, Dean of the Northern Deanery.
Prdn. Paul Nimchek, ONE Stewards
Fr. Mark Sherman, Dean of Missions
Peter Kopcha, Diocesan Treasurer.
Fr. John Hopko, Youth Director
Mr. Oleg Yemelyanov, Boston, making a presentation on the 2010 Census.
Marion Gulash presenting the Auditor's report.
Dn. John Zarras, Lay Delegate to the Metropolitan Council.
Lunch crew
Fr. Robert Arida, Clergy Representative to the Metroplitan Council and chairman of the Strategic Planning Committee.
Dn. John making a presentation on the Strategic Planning Committee of the Metropolitan Council
Fr. Steven Voytovich making a presentation on behalf of the Department of Christian Service and Humanitarian Aid.
The Clergy meeeting with Bp. NIKON.
The Lay delegates meeting in the church hall.